"They received the Word with all readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so.  Therefore many believed."--Acts 17:11

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I am a man who feels lost in the church I'm going to, pentecostal, and I am left alone by my unsaved wife and my unsaved family and I want to cry out! I long to have friends who are true men and women of berea, people who love the gospel, who study the scriptures, who are not afraid to speak! I don't know where to turn...every church where I live is a fallen church or a wicked cult; I feel like a lone sheep searching for his shepherd in a field of tall grass and a flock to cleave onto and I can't find them!

My country is going to hell, waxing worse in blasphemy, apostacy and abominations and I see the coming terror of the Lord upon it and I am crying! I wrent my clothing and suffer...I need a Christian close to me in Washington State who stands as I want to stand!

You believe on what the 1611 King James Bible says by faith or you follow after demonic doctrines and fools by wickedness....make your choice.

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Hello Bereabremerton,

It is impossible not to feel the same anguish and desperation that you feel, in this current age.  But should this not rather be a feeling of exaltation, a time to lift up our heads knowing that our redemption draweth nigh?  Jesus said, when the son of man comes, shall he find faith on the earth?  Does this question not carry with it, the connotation that there will be very few ready for the Master, at his return?

Yes, it is true that the country in which we live is growing more depraved by the day.  But we must remember that it is not the plan and purpose of God to save the US, or any other Gentile country.  It is the purpose of God to save Israel, and to place Jesus upon the throne of his father David.  And that salvation will be through much tribulation.

The role of this country is prophesied in our Bibles in the prophesies concerning Tyre.  When we understand that, it is easier to accept what is going on among the people around us.  Tyre was in the garden of God, covered with every precious stone because of Tyre's love and respect for Israel.  Tyre became the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the earth because of their care for Israel.  But Tyre came to trust in her wealth, and forgot her ties to God's nation.  Worse, she sent Israel Jezebel (of Sidon, sister city to Tyre,)  to corrupt the people of Israel.  And for this, great and terrible judgments came upon Tyre, and on Israel.

It is impossible not to see in these prophesies, the love/hate relationship between the US and Israel in the modern world.  And it is impossible not to see the moral depravity of God's chosen people, as they learned this from the west.  And in consequence, we understand the terrible judgments that are in store for both, that God might restore righteousness to His chosen land.  And that these judgments are at the door.

You might consider reading the page linked by "Our Statement of Faith Explained" to the left, and ask any question you like concerning the Truth as it is in Jesus.

Jim Phillips

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